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KEY FEATURES: Up to 50 days battery life, 100m waterproof, color touch screen, always-on display, sapphire glass.

50 DAYS BATTERY LIFE: The most spectacular part of the new premium spec smartwatch is the long time battery power durability. Our Customer will enjoy the full functions of our premium spec watch greatly for 50 days of battery life span.

ALWAYS ON DISPLAY: Wonderful! Premium Spec Smartwatches are always live in display mode. No falling out, bright and attractive outlook.

100 M WATER RESISTANCE: Our Premium Spec Smartwatches look so conducive with any type weather. Especially when its raining, the smartwatches could resist water, function perfectly in 100 Minutes of Raining session. Although it is Waterproof.

COLOUR TOUCH SCREEN: On making a touch on the watch screen, the premium spec smartwatch display a changes in default colour.

SAPPHIRE GLASS: This is outstanding and Peculiar to the premium spec smartwatches which we sell on our Shopify store or Website. Premium Spec is designed with the most attractive and out-looking glass of all


TOP FEATURES: Sweet Design, Android 7.1.2, Incredible Battery Life-Time, Incredible Storage Specifications.

The LEM5 Smartwatch comes with 1.3 inch IPS screen that casts a 400 x 400 screen resolution. The watch is compatible with ANDROID AS WELL AS IOS.

The watch has three physical buttons on the side that also includes the watch crown. Honestly, the design looks classy with the bare stainless steel. The device is IP55 waterproof but is not sustainable for deep sea diving.

The LEM5 Smartwatch is moderately standard regarding its specification as smart watches go. It runs ANDROID 7.1.2 POWERWED by 1.3Ghz MediaTek MTK6580 Quad Core processor and has 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage.

The device accepts a Nano-SIM but unfortunately doesn’t support 4G connective(restricted with 3G). Also, the device is embedded with Bluetooth 4.0 streaming technology.

The basic fitness features that the watch holds are the pedometer, heart rate monitor, and an inbuilt GPS to keep track of your workouts. And not only that, but the GPS tracker also helps to locate your position by projecting an onscreen map.

The Lemfo Lem5 Smartwatch is a Go to assistant that can keep you updated with daily activities and tasks, just to make it a lot easier for you to handle.


Although buying smart watches is not a difficult task, some important points are worth paying attentions. All our smart watches have different styles, and some also have unique features that are missing from other products.

Not only that, different smart watches also use different operating systems. For example, Android Wear is a relatively common operating system among companies such as Huawei, LG, Asus, and Samsung, while WatchOS is an exclusive Apple Watch.

In order to understand the best smart watches we offer, it is necessary to have a grasp of what they should have. Of course, although these functions are also known as publicity gimmicks, they are still very useful for most people.


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